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2008-06-26 10:24:35 by Dark-Alchemist95


like it? =D

got it!

2008-06-18 20:39:28 by Dark-Alchemist95

i finnally got flash
i'm bad lol but i'm getting experince
if i start doing good i will submit some
but don't expect them anytime soon

i wanna get flash

2008-05-13 17:56:16 by Dark-Alchemist95

i wanna get flash so badly
i've been animating with other programs but there not for newgrounds
i also got free trials and i made some awesome flash movies
but they are all incomplete and i really want flash so i can finish those or take some more time in makeing them
i'll try to but it soon

EDIT: i'm just saying i'll problobly get flash soon, i know your trying to scam me guys
this is more for my freinds to know, not for some random bitches to come on and try to scam me
i'm rich anyway so i can buy it no problom

i wanna get flash

more soon

2008-03-30 14:34:27 by Dark-Alchemist95

there will be more